Big 12 Football Officials Put in Summer Work to Prep for 2016 Season

Big 12 coordinator of football officials Walt Anderson discusses the busy summer for his officiating crew and how his team is preparing for the upcoming football season.

Prior to his year review of rule changes, points of emphasis and rulings of the past year, Big 12 coordinator of officials Walt Anderson detailed the preparation and approach of his crews during the offseason. 

"You have to spend the entire offseason getting ready for the season," Anderson said. "If you wait until July or August, you are not going to have a very good season."

Approximately 450 officials will group together in a regional meeting prior to the season to reveiw rule changes and hear comments from the national supervisor of officials.

"Our summer clinic is the largest officiating conference in the country. It's our opportunity to bring all of our officials in to hear the sendoff for the season," Anderson noted. "We try to work to obtain as high a level of performance as we can achieve."

Anderson will kick off Day Two of Big 12 media days with his annual address to the media on Tuesday morning.

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