A Look Inside Mountaineer Practice At Defensive Line Drills

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - In the beginning of Tuesday evening's practice West Virginia defenders rotated through a series of drills with different coaches. The defensive line in particular worked on a fumble recovery drill and another drill with defensive backs coach Blue Adams.

In the video above West Virginia defensive linemen are working on a basic fumble recovery drill. In this drill coaches simulate a live ball being fumbled while all three defensive linemen must line up and track down the ball in front of them simultaneously. Some of the linemen that are featured in the video are Darrien Howard, Jon Lewis and Reese Donahue.

In this video we can see the defensive linemen going through a drill with defensive backs coach Danny Adams (better known as "Blue" Adams). Adams is seen throwing an object that the defensive linemen must knock down before staying square, sliding over and catching a ball between two tackling dummies. This drill simulates shedding a block, reading a screen pass, staying home and intercepting a pass.

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