West Virginia Center Tyler Orlosky, Receivers Coach Tyron Carrier Give Honest Assessment Of Saturday's Scrimmage

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - It was ugly, and frankly a bit embarrassing, this latest of West Virginia's offensive performances.

Ten first-team possessions, zero touchdowns, just one field goal - that coming on the final series - and a pair of pick sixes, with two lost fumbles to boot. The timing was off, the effort was lacking and the execution was poor. That's all been written, and said. And with this, we'll move on and be done. But it's worth noting how disappointed the offense was with a performance that's bound to happen a couple times when one goes through 29 practices in 33 days. It just so happens, as center Tyler Orlosky says, that this was the one the media saw most.

Orlosky, above, gives and honest and straightforward evaluation of the 10 series, and what most bothered him about the 100-play session, which last 1 hour and 45 minutes. Orlosky said he thought it was "bad overall for the offense. We have a lot to work on. Whether it be laziness, or just not wanting to be out here, it's something we have to address. Since I have been here five years you have had one good day, one bad day, one good day, one bad day. That's how we have done it, and unfortunately (Saturday) was one of our really bad days. Defensive side (the effort) was adequate enough. They brought energy and they wanted to be out here. The offense had that feeling of just getting this over with. That's something you can't do."

Offensive coordintor and tight ends/fullbacks coach Joe Wickline noted that "anytime you don’t have success, nobody’s happy. We didn’t get done what we wanted to get done. We’ve had a good camp, but (Saturday) we kind of stepped backwards a little bit. That’s to be expected. We had some time off, but we need to get a lot better. We need to get more consistent, we need to take care of the football, we need to fit our fits and continue to strain on effort, execution, technique, fundamentals and all of the things that give us a chance to be where we want to be. But we’re not there yet."

Whcih were words echoed by receivers coach Tyron Carrier, who gave a bit of a harsher take, but still right on. As he said, get this one out of the way and move on, because Monday offers another opportunity and fresh challenges.

"For God’s sake it’s football," Carrier said. "You can say what you want, the only person that can motivate themselves in that (lack of effort) situation is them. I can’t say anything. I can curse them, I can put them through a punishment, I can praise them, and it’s not going to change anything. It’s self-inflicted. ... This is what they need to hear. I told them there are no more good things said that’s going to be said from me about them. Everybody’s doing it, they need to know the truth. The truth is they’re not ready right now. The great thing about it is we have two to three more weeks. Besides (Saturday) yes, I think we’re a little bit ahead. (Saturday) was a really big setback."


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