More Drills From West Virginia Fall Football Camp

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - For our subscribers, more looks inside West Virginia's practice sessions.

As West Virginia continued its preseason prep, the Mountaineers shuffled through a series of individual and unit drills before the 100-play scrimmage on Saturday. Above, the quarterbacks work through fade route throws to the back corner of the end zone. Take a look as William Crest (16, white jersey), and Chris Chugunov both take two-step drops out of the shotgun and go through basic footwork before releasing the ball. Will Grier (14) follows before Cody Saunders (11) takes a couple reps with snaps from offensive graduate assistant Michael BurchettSkyler Howard then resets the session as it begins again.

Staying on offense, the skillset players below, including quarterbacks, tight ends, tailbacks and fullbacks, go through a ball security drill under the eye of receivers coach Tyron Carrier. The players receive a toss, then turn and head upfield while teammates slap at the ball. If you're wondering why Carrier is overseeing this drill, it's because groups of players rotate to various stations of different drill in a circuit-training like set-up. Shown are Grier, Saunders, Justin Crawford (25), Elijah Wellman (20 in green "limited contact" jersey), Michael Ferns (47), and Daikiel Shorts (6) among others. 


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