Forward Has WVU Atop List

A rangy forward with a familiar name has West Virginia among his top schools.

Rising senior forward Luke Bonner has been drawing interest from a number of schools over the summer. Some of that initial interest was driven by the fact that his brother, Matt, is a standout for the Florida Gators. However, after Luke's solid performance at the ABCD Big Time tournament, it's clear that the New Hampshire native isn't riding his brother's coattails.

"I had a pretty good time in Las Vegas," Bonner said. "I played against some of the better players in the country. I wanted to see how I matched up with them, and I think I held my own."

At 6-11 and 235 pounds, Bonner has a nice mix of some old-school skills and modern game adaptations. He's developing a nice three point shot, but also has added a hook shot to his offensive repertoire.

"My AAU assistant coach, Joe Drinon, is an old school type of guy. He pushed that hook shot on me. And after hearing it over and over it rubs off on you," Bonner siad with a laugh. "I've gotten pretty comfortable with it, and I'm not afraid to use it during a game."

Bonner is playing against his brother this summer, and thinks that is helping his game progress. He says he has been concentrating on his one on one moves, and also on getting off the ground quickly - an area where he believes he has shown improvement.

Bonner is also very comfortable playing in the post, especially on the high end of the lane. It's that versatility which would make him a valuable addition to the Mountaineer roster.

"I thought I would be a five, but I can play the four," Bonner said as he analyzed his likely positions in college. "I like playing the high post, but I don't really have a preference. I'll play where ever I need to."

Bonner, who says that West Virginia is the leader right now, would seem to have an inside perspective on WVU, since his brother played against the Mountaineers in the Gators' 68-66 loss. However, Bonner says that link hasn't been much of a factor during the recruiting process.

"I didn't get to see the game, because I had a game myself," he explained. "I haven't watched a tape of it either. At the time, I didn't know a lot about West Virginia - I had letters from them, but that was it."

Bonner probably won't be able to catch WVU's rematch with the Gators this winter, but by that time he hopes to have his decision out of the way.

"I probably won't take all my visits, and I'd . like to decide pretty soon. I plan to commit within the next month or so and singe during the early period."

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