Tyron Carrier Shares his Initial Thoughts on West Virginia Wide Receivers Following Youngstown State Win

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - For the second consecutive week a West Virginia wide receiver had a career game, but first year receivers coach Tyron Carrier still feels his unit has much room for improvement going forward.

The big story for the West Virginia offense was Shelton Gibson's career performance which included 171 yards and two touchdowns. Gibson wasn't the only receiver who impressed as Daikiel Shorts and Ka'Raun White turned out productive outings, combining for 11 catches, 181 yards and two touchdowns. After looking at the stat sheet you would think that receivers coach Tyron Carrier would be quite pleased with the outing, but in fact he still feels like his group has a long way to go, particularly in blocking downfield and springing more plays from the Mountaineers sets that feature two stacked receivers.

"Blocking as a receiver is all about effort," Carrier said. "Whoever wants to play is going to have to block. If you're not going to block in this offense then you won't play. A guy who wants to play will block. Period." Carrier then added, "We have to make those blocks. I preach about being physically tough. It drove me crazy seeing that happen. I guess it takes me screaming at them. If it takes that then I'll do it every game and I should have done it a little earlier. I should have done it in the first quarter. I should have done it before we even went out there, but we know the guys who can handle that role and that's what we went to towards the end."

Carrier was then asked about the heat and whether that brought back any memories of the Mountaineers' first August scrimmage in which the offense sputtered all afternoon.

"It was the exact same thing," Carrier said referring to that hot August afternoon. "I don't think this heat is heat. I'm from down south but it plays into effect but you have got to be tough man, that's football. It's football, you have to be tough."

Although Carrier spoke about what the unit needs to improve on he did admit he liked what he saw in the passing game and credited that to the units chemistry with quarterback Skyler Howard. While Carrier may seem unhappy to some fans, the reality is that he is simply challenging a group that has the potential to truly be special. It's obvious the Mountaineers have a number of talented receivers, but sometimes it takes some hard coaching to get potential to come to fruition, and Carrier's hard-nosed coaching style will no doubt get everything out of his unit.


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