The Launch Pad

The Launch Pad isn't a spot at Cape Canaveral or a testing ground - it's a springboard for Mountaineer special teams that has been implemented by the coaching staff.

WVU football fans paying close attention to the sidelines in the first two games may have noticed a rectangular gold and blue carpet near the Mountaineer bench.

Unlike the basketball team's version, which is used for pregame introductions, this rug is the starting point for special teams as they head onto the field.

The "Launch Pad" has ten squares, one for each player on the Mountaineer special teams, minus the kicker or primary return man. It's main purpose is to gather the special team together and ensure that all eleven players get on the field.

The new pad did exhibit a "bug in the rug" against Ohio when only ten players from the "Sharks" (punt return team) made it onto the field for a fourth quarter Ohio punt, but for the most part it has been successful.

The Launch Pad awaits action

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