Skyler Howard and Sean Walters Turned in Highlight Plays in West Virginia's Win Over Texas Tech

LUBBOCK, Tex. -- Usually it's Skyler Howard creating highlights in the passing game and Sean Walters creating big hits. In WVU's 48-17 win over Texas Tech, though, those roles were reversed.

Skyler Howard is used to creating highlights with his arm. However, it was a big hit against Texas Tech that had the Mountaineer sidelines jumping in the first quarter. Howard, on a scramble out of the pocket, crushed a Texas Tech defender on his way to a first down.

Linebacker Sean Walters, meanwhile, made a big play of his own on a pass. Going in for a tackle, Walters instead reached low and came away with the ball on a pass intended for Justin Stockton. The pick turned away a scoring threat, and West Virginia immediately capitalized with a touchdown drive to take a 17-7 lead.


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