Fearless Picks: West Virginia Mountaineers - TCU Horned Frogs

WVU performed far better in its last two games than our panel as a whole. Will the latter get back on track with this week's picks?

Mountaintop Picks...

And then there were two. Jeff and Brian Jolliff felt a win in Lubbock, and those picks kept them umblemished in the season standings.

...And The Valley Below

Tony Gibson's defense didn't just decimate Texas Tech - it also put a hurting on the entire panel's point diffferentials. The closest miss of the final score was 26 -- almost entirely attributable to West Virginia's defense, which shuttered Tech's offensive business to the tune of just 17 points.

Jeff Cobb Last Week: W Season: 5-0 Point Differential: 94
WVU is 5-0 and poised for great things. It has gotten past its second mental hurdle on the dry plains of Lubbock (the first mental hurdle was beating the Snyder Cats), The media types who called this team out last week and predicted a loss are now backtracking and seem to have embraced the Mountaineers -- at least on a lukewarm level. I am all in on this team until they prove otherwise. I have seen grit, determination, resilience, and the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Forget a bad series and have a better series next time. Forget a bad first half and have a better second. Or just the ability to take it one game at a time. There is no Treyvone Boykin at QB for TCU this year for Dana Holgorsen to high five. Kenny Hill is a solid mobile QB, but he is no Boykin. Having prepared for BYU and Mahomes, they already have a solid plan in place to contain mobile QBs. What TCU does better than Texas Tech is run the ball, and of course play defense. All that being said, I'm riding the wave and predicting a West Virginia victory.
  West Virginia 33-26  
Brian Jolliff Last Week: W Season: 5-0 Point Differential: 101
If there is one thing that worries me most about this game, it's not the opponent. Don't get me wrong, I think TCU has a lot of potential and talent, but what worries me is WVU's over-confidence. We've seen it time and time again the past where a surging Mountaineer squad suddenly gets a heaping spoonful of humble pie and they lose a game they should not have lost. If I could give this team a message it would be to stay humble and hungry... you've not accomplished anything yet. If they can focus on this week's game, not focus on how great they played last week, and remember that rankings are meaningless if you lose, they Mountaineers should take care of business this weekend.
  West Virginia 42-31  
Andy Easton Last Week: W Season: 4-1 Point Differential: 101
TCU has had the Mountaineers' number since both teams joined the Big 12, including two one-point victories in Morgantown. he good news is that TCU doesn't look as talented as years past but they still have one of the best coaches in the county in Gary Patterson. The Mountaineers will need to continue to display a balanced offensive attack while the defense continues its solid play.
  West Virginia 41-34  
Brian McCracken Last Week: L Season: 4-1 Point Differential: 119
The last two times TCU has visited Morgantown, Gary Patterson and the Horned Frogs have handed the Mountaineers losses in competitive games that have come down to the very final play of the game. This year, TCU again brings a solid team to Morgantown, but the defense isn't quite what fans have come to expect from Gary Patterson's teams. The unit is allowing 30 points and 424 yards per game and the Mountaineers have one of the better, most experienced offenses in the league. On the other side of the ball, Tony Gibson's 3-3-5 defense looks better and better each week, and I don't see that trend stopping against Texas Christian. The Mountaineers will take advantage of a suspect defense and Tony Gibson's unit will make enough plays to push the Mountaineers over the edge and get a much needed win.
  West Virginia 37-24  
Greg Hunter
Last Week: L Season: 3-2 Point Differential: 70
TCU isn’t currently a top 10 team like it was the last couple of years when WVU faced the Horned Frogs. If not for a OT loss to Arkansas and then a 52-46 shootout defeat at the hands of Oklahoma, though, TCU would certainly again be highly rated. Still TCU has plenty of questions, particularly on defense, where it is allowing an uncharacteristic 30 points a game. WVU is playing well on both sides of the ball and is making believers out of many.
  West Virginia 35-31  
Matt Keller Last Week: L Season: 3-2 Point Differential: 84
West Virginia's 5-0 start looks eerily similar to they way it began the 2012 and '14 seasons. The Mountaineers were 5-0 and 6-2, respectively, and in both seasons faced off against a solid TCU team at home. And each time the Horned Frogs were part of a late-season collapsed that dampened the feel of the year. WVU might be able to avoid that this season, but it hasn't yet shown it.
  TCU 31-30  
Jonathan Martin Last Week: L Season: 3-2 Point Differential: 122
So, now I'm a believer. I've gone against the Mountaineers in two straight weeks only to be proven wrong. I don't feel bad, though. This WVU team is for real. This weekend, however, is a tough task. The Horned Frogs of TCU roll into town with a potent offense. Expect West Virginia to play tough - both sides of the ball are clicking. But I'm concerned the hype is too much, too soon. It'll be close but not close enough.
  TCU 35-31  
Chris Richardson Last Week: L Season: 3-2 Point Differential: 125
I'm in. No more questioning the potential of this football team. Last Saturday's effort in Lubbock was one of the best all-around efforts of the Holgorsen era. No, the Red Raiders aren't Big 12 title contenders, but the fact that West Virginia exerted its will over Texas Tech from start to finish -- especially on the road -- is more than enough to show me that this team is different than past teams that started hot and faded as the season wore on. That was an impressive performance.I'm looking for more of the same this week against TCU. Mountaineer Field will be LIVE, and Tony Gibson's defense will set the tone again for win number six. The West Virginia offense is getting better every week, too. It should be quite the weekend in Morgantown.
  West Virginia 41-24  

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