West Virginia LB Al-Rasheed Benton, NT Darrien Howard Dissect Win Over Frogs

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia held an explosive offense well below its season average in points and total yards for the second consecutive game. Here's the take from two of the Mountaineers' front six in Al-Rasheed Benton and Darrien Howard.

Benton, above, details WVU's pass rush and how the Mountaineers never allowed Texas Christian quarterback Kenny Hill to get comfortable in the pocket. Hill completed 18 of 31 passes for 148 yards, but threw an interception along with one first half touchdown. He was also sacked three times. TCU was shutout in the second half, and suffered its worst Big 12 defeat while being held to more than 30 points and 270 yards below the season average. Benton, who tied for a team-high six tackles, also delves into the frustration West Virginia's 3-3-5 is causing, and how WVU's goal is to take away what teams most want to do to trigger them moving to their second and third offensive options.

"I don't think there were many points in the game where he had an opportunity to sit back there and set his feet and throw the ball like he wanted to," Benton said. "Anytime you can make the quarterback uncomfortable and take away that passing game and stop the running game you will win. That's with any team. When you've keyed in on those plays and shut those plays down, they have to go to the back-up plan. Once you get a coach or offense running off those back-up plans, you have them on their heels. That's when coach (Tony) Gibson sends pressure and it really gets you out of your comfort zone."

Benton also addresses the first half line play of the Horned Frogs, and how that enabled them to run the ball before some second quarter and second half adjustments by the Mountaineer front six. Howard, below, speaks to West Virginia's third down defense, which held TCU to just two conversions on 11 attempts. Part of that was keeping the run game in check, which caused TCU to face longer second and third down situations.

"We play aggressive, we lay fast and we play physical," said Howard, who had a sack as one of West Virginia's five tackles for loss. "We play hard every down. Make them one dimensional, force them to throw the ball and basically have them play into our hands. There were a few changes, not too much. We started playing our gaps better."

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