Fearless Picks: West Virginia Mountaineers - Kansas Jayhawks

There's not much mystery in the winning selections of this week's picks, so scores will be all important as our panel jockeys for position in the season-long race for the prognostication crown.

Mountaintop Picks...

Jon and Matt, although admittedly trying to do their best to extend WVU's winning streak, were inadvertently helped by OSU's win a week ago. We have no doubt they would have accepted another loss in this competition in exchange for a Mountaineer win, however.

...And The Valley Below

There weren't any really bad picks last week, although the score misses were somewhat high, given WVU's lower-than-expected point total of 20.

Jeff Cobb Last Week: L Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 135
West Virginia's record is 6-1 and it's ranked #20 in the first CFB Playoff rankings released this week. At the beginning of the season, how many fans would've taken that? If you aren't raising your hand, please put down the crack pipe. The Mountaineers are still having a great season, and still have a ton to play for. Will they make the playoffs? No, probably not. Everything else? Still on the table. Big 12 champs, big time bowl game, you name it. So please, step back from the ledge WVU fans. Enjoy the season. Playing on the road - combined with three turnovers - was just too much to overcome at Oklahoma State. Next up? Rock Chalk Jayhawks. Kansas has improved, but the Mountaineers will be looking to get their mojo back. And probably feeling disrespected again. This is a team that plays better with a chip on its shoulder.
  West Virginia 48-13  
Brian Jolliff Last Week: L Season: 6-1 Point Differential: 154
Most of what WVU needed to do for a win last week, it did not do... and most of what I felt would spell a loss for this team, happened. Aside from a decent running game, the rest didn't go as planned. This squad is not good enough to overcome both turnovers and poor defensive play. But a night game in Morgantown against the Big 12's bottom team is just what the doctor ordered, aside from a bye week which should have been better spaced out this year. Look for WVU to rebound in a nice fashion before a friendly crowd and get back on the winning side.
  West Virginia 42-10  
Brian McCracken Last Week: L Season: 5-2 Point Differential: 156
West Virginia finds itself in uncharted waters for the 2016 season as it is coming off of a loss for the first time this year. Fortunately for WVU, it has the fortune of playing the worst team in the Big 12 (and probably the entire Power 5). There is little chance of a letdown as the Mountaineers shouldn't habe any trouble getting up for the first home night game of the season. Kansas isn't suited to stop West Virginia's offense and the Jayhawks' turnover-laden offense won't be able to consistently move the ball on the Mountaineers either. The over-matched Jayhawks haven't beaten a Division 1 opponent in 727 days and haven't won a road game in 2,237 days (that's over six years). The Jayhawks will have to wait at least another week to put an end to those futile streaks.
  West Virginia 40-10  
Andy Easton Last Week: L Season: 5-2 Point Differential: 168
The Mountaineers look to bounce back after a disappointing effort against Oklahoma State. WVU is better than Kansas in all three phases of the game, so this one is an easy selection.
  West Virginia 31-17  
Greg Hunter
Last Week: L Season: 4-3 Point Differential: 116
Though still certainly the worst team in the Big 12, Kansas has actually shown some improvement this season. But it’s baby steps for the Jayhawks, who have displayed fight in a tough-luck loss to TCU and as well as good first halves against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Still, this isn’t a team that can contend with WVU.
  West Virginia 41-13  
Matt Keller Last Week: W Season: 4-3 Point Differential: 119
Fresh off the triskaidekaphobia, don't walk under ladders, step on a crack theme, along with a dose of what was correctly termed the Crash Davis approach, the picks get a more real feel from here in. Kansas lacks the talent and, frankly, execution of West Virginia in nearly every area. The Mountaineers have needed a gimmie game in recent seasons after a psychologically-damaging defeat, and they have one here with the Jayhawks. Kansas is equipped with enough players to make this game interesting, and has managed to play some of the typically upper-level Big 12 teams close. It might well do it again, but the venue and talent difference make this a Mountaineer win. If West Virginia is truly at the level hoped, it wins this going away. The truth is somewhere in between.
  West Virginia 38-18  
Jonathan Martin Last Week: W Season: 4-3 Point Differential: 163
Kansas has to be just what the doctor ordered, right? Coming off their first loss of the season West Virginia faces the bottom feeder of the Big 12. A night game in Morgantown -- expect the Mountaineers to come out of the gates quick. The rushing game could be slowed with injuries but Skyler Howard should have a big night throwing the football.
  West Virginia 42-17  
Chris Richardson Last Week: L Season: 4-3 Point Differential: 174
WVU's not losing to Kansas. The Jayhawks are improved, but not yet at a level where they can go get a road win against what has proven to be one of the better teams in the Big XII this season. My guess is that KU's basketball exhibitions with my MIAA rivals Washburn (Nov. 1) and Emporia State (Nov. 6) will generate more interest in the Jayhawk Nation this week than the football game in Morgantown.
  West Virginia 49-13  

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