Lack of Improvement, Lackadaisical Second Half Among Huggins' Chieft Complaints

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - For the second contest in a row West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins was disappointed in the overall effort of his ball club.

When asked how he felt about his team's overall performance West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Bob Huggins said he thought the team played one good half, and the veteran head coach quickly noted that meant the team had played one solid half of basketball in four total halves of play. Many fans may brush Huggins' displeasure off, as the head coach is known for being critical of performances and demanding perfection from his teams, but one doesn't need to look much further than the stat sheet to see there is something to Huggins rant. While the Mountaineers held Mississippi Valley State to 28 points and forced 18 turnovers in the first half, they allowed MVSU to score 38 and only forced eight turnovers after the intermission.

Huggins was not only displeased but baffled as well by the play of some of the Mountaineer reserves. Huggins reflected on his playing days saying he hated to be on the bench and wanted to do everything he could to get back on the court and play. It's no secret that the way to playing time under Huggins is playing hard-nosed defense and that's something that just hasn't occurred consistently after two contests. While Huggins did challenge the reserves he seemed perturbed by several of the experienced players as well, noting that multiple players hadn't shown any improvement from last season to this season, which could be a big red flag.

The overall displeasure could lead to a shortened rotation for the Mountaineers, who like to go 10 deep for their ferocious full court press, and Huggins alluded to that. When asked how many players the rotation could be shortened too Huggins contemplated for a second and stated that only three players are playing well. Two of those are presumably Nathan Adrian and Jevon Carter, who Huggins was complimentary of in his postgame remarks. Huggins also made note that as the season gets a lot tougher (which is coming soon) the Mountaineers will have to play much better and much more consistent. West Virginia has almost an entire week of practice before taking on New Hampshire on Sunday night.

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