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Along with his achilles tendon, Tim Brown saw his consecutive start streak snapped at 24 games. that total was the longest active streak among current Mountaineers.
Game Info
WVU 0-0, 0-0
UW 0-0, 0-0
Sat: 8/30 High Noon
Mountaineer Field
Series: UW 3-0
Sagarin: WVU-42 UW-28
Line:UW -3
Stats & Trends
With Brown out, senior linebacker Grant Wiley now holds the longest mark at 17 games, followed by junior offensive lineman Jeff Berk with 16 and junior quarterback Rasheed Marshall with 13.

Those low numbers point out, among other things, the youth of the Mountaineer squad. It also shows the difficulty of staying healthy in what has become a collision, not just a contact, sport.


Wisconsin is 0-1 alltime in opening games against Big East opponents, while WVU is 0-2 against Big Ten teams on opening day.


Badger tailback Anthony Davis has the highest rushing total in the NCAA over the last two seasons. Davis gained a combined 3.021 rushing yards in the 2001 and 2002 seasons.

Now, for the pop quiz. Who was second?

If you said former Mountaineer Avon Cobourne, you're correct. Cobourne had 3,008 yards over the same period.


West Virginia has played 12 game regular seasons only four times in their history. Their record in each season has improved.

12 Game Seasons
1896 3-7-2
1980 6-6
1994 7-5
2002 9-3
2003 ???

Could that trend continue upward in 2003?


Jahmile Addae was WVU's leading tackler last year against the Badgers, totalling 13 stops. If that stat repeats itself on Saturday, the resulting score might be a repeat as well.


Rasheed Marshall recorded his career bests in passing attempts (36) completions (17) and yardage (219), against Wisconsin last year.

Joining him was fullback Moe Fofana, who carried twice for four yards - also both personal game bests.


We've all heard reports of Wisconsin running smoe spread offense to take advantage of their talent at wide receiver. While they might show some of those formations, it would be a major surprise to see Wisconsin air it out. Why?

Barry Alvarez is an old-school coach. He's also very smart and very good. And he knows this stat better than anyone.

Under Alvarez, when Wisconsin runs the ball fewer than 50 times per game, they are 42-57-4. When they run it 50 times or more, they are an outrageous 50-4.

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