Fearless Picks?

After receiving exactly zero requests for this, we decided to do it anyway. Here's the BlueGoldNews.com staff's not so fearless predicitons for Saturday's clash with Wisconsin.

Cam Huffman
Record 0-0
Wisconsin will be able to put up some points, but so will the Mountaineers. This will be one of those special afternoons in 'Touchdown City' and Rod's troops will continue to build this program and bring it into the national spotlight. I wanted to say 17-14 like so many of WVU's big wins over the years, but these offenses are just too powerful. So, I added ten points to each score and went with 27-24. The three point differential will be the result of a Brad Cooper kick, and the transfer will quickly take his place in the hearts of the Blue and Gold faithful. WVU
Bill Gleason
Record 0-0
I originally had this game as a WVU win on a Brad Cooper field goal, but the loss of Tim Brown is too big to overcome. It could cost the Mountaineers two touchdowns. Wisconsin 35-24
Andy Easton
Record 0-0
According to Webster's dictionary a Badger is a carnivorous burrowing mammal having short legs, long claws on the front feet, and a heavy grizzled coat. A Mountaineer is a native or inhabitant of a mountainous area or a rude, fierce person. Lets see, a fuzzy mammal or a rude mountain man? I'll put my money on the mountain man. Rasheed Marshall will cut through the cheese and lead WVU to victory! WVU
Jeff Good
Record 0-0
My heart tells me WVU, but my head says Wisconsin. Alvarez and company will keep the Mountaineer defense off balance enough to be effective. WVU will move the ball but in the end .... not as much as Wisconsin. Wisconsin 28-23
The Mighty MJD
Record 0-0
On paper, Wisconsin seems to have just about every advantage over WVU. They have a running back who's getting attention as a possible Heisman candidate. They have one of the best WR corps in the nation. They have a massive offensive line. They're a trendy pick as a national title contender.

But sometimes, you just have to say... to hell with logic. It's payback time. WVU's first half in Madison last year was one of their worst halves of football of the year. It was embarassing. RichRod and the guys have to be fired up. Myself, I'll never forget the abuse and scorn piled on my friends and I as we left Camp Randall. I have faith that we will avenge that loss.


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