Fearless Picks: West Virginia Mountaineers - Baylor Bears

A change atop the leaderboard highlighted last week's results as we wrap up the regular season selections. It's still just about anyone's race to win, although the final results will likely go down to the bowl game.

Mountaintop Picks...

Greg has been the points differential leader all year, and he climbed back atop the standings last week. He'll have to get his final two winners correct and continue his solid score selections to take the title. He and Jonathan took low miss totals in their Iowa State score selections.

...And The Valley Below

Andy and Brian J dropped down the standings with their picks of the Cyclones. While those weren't indefensible, the misses, combined with WVU's margin of victory, hurt their season standings.

Greg Hunter Last Week: W Season: 8-3 Point Differential: 199
The regular season finale at Mountaineer Field won’t decide the Big 12 title. But for West Virginia, this game still presents an opportunity to secure a rare 10-win campaign. Meanwhile, Baylor is just anxious to end this nightmare season. The Bears still have talent, but they no longer appear to have desire. WVU simply wants it more.
  West Virginia 37-24  
Jeff Cobb Last Week: L Season: 8-3 Point Differential: 224
Baylor and West Virginia have hooked up for some memorable games since 2012. WVU has not always been on the positive end of those outcomes, but I expect this game to be a favorable one. The Bears started out blazing at 6-0, but since then the wheels have completely come off. Baylor is now limping along, staring at a five-game losing streak. Seth Russell is out. It’s supposed to be 40 degrees at game time in Morgantown. Oh, and the entire coaching staff is expected to be let go following the bowl game. Stranger things have happened, but I cannot foresee a reasonable scenario where Baylor wins this game. Too much going right for West Virginia right now, and mentally the Mountaineers appear to be on steady ground. I do suggest they ignore the Baylor players if they go to the midfield logo for a pre-game rumble.
  West Virginia 48-28  
Brian Jolliff Last Week: W Season: 8-3 Point Differential: 255
I somewhat admit that I was down on the Mountaineers last week and picked them to lose the game, but the lack of turnovers, a good showing for Skyler Howard and a blowout game for Martell Pettaway really gave Iowa State a shock for which they had no answer. Fast forward to the final regular season game against Baylor, that has, in the past, played West Virginia well. Baylor has been running in the wrong direction the last half of the season with a multitude of issues from coaching, to under-performing defense to a freshman QB, so there shouldn't be a problem getting to double-digit wins this season.
  West Virginia 45-17  
Matt Keller Last Week: W Season: 7-4 Point Differential: 200
The biggest difference in these two teams isn't the talent level. Indeed, Baylor might actually possess more. This, instead, is a match-up of the mind, one team focused in on Senior Day and a 10-win season while the other simply wants to finish a floundering year that saw its psyche fall apart after a series of off-field issues. West Virginia has all the momentum and all the intestinal fortitude to overcome whatever Baylor throws at it. The Bears are just playing out the string.
  West Virginia 41 24  
Jonathan Martin Last Week: W Season: 7-4 Point Differential: 242
West Virginia enters its final regular season game at home against a depleted Baylor team. The Mountaineers have a ton to play for including ten wins and the final home game for a number of seniors. The Baylor defensive is terrible, so expect the Mountaineers to put up a lot of points.
  West Virginia 45-28
Brian McCracken Last Week: L Season: 7-4 Point Differential: 255
West Virginia enters its final game of the 2016 season against Baylor, a program and team mired in turmoil from a massive sexual assault scandal that resulted in the firing of head coach Art Briles and several administrators at the university. Baylor opened up the season at 6-0 but the last five weeks have shown a lot about the team's character and willingness to fight through adversity, as the Bears have dropped five straight (four of which were by three scores or more). I doubt the Bears will be ready to show up for their season in Morgantown. Couple a team that has given up with another team (West Virginia) who is fighting for just the ninth 10th win season in school history and the makings are there for a dominant win.
  West Virginia 40-20  
Chris Richardson Last Week: W Season: 7-4 Point Differential: 258
Senior day in Morgantown comes with the opportunity to lock up a 10- win regular season for the first time since the 2007 Fiesta Bowl team. That's special no matter what. To get there, the Mountaineers must have the same stingy defense they've had for most of the year, take care of the football, and have an effective running game. I have no reason to believe that they won't deliver, and in the process wrap up what should be a nice bowl bid to either San Antonio or Orlando.
  West Virginia 38-27  
Andy Easton Last Week: L Season: 6-5 Point Differential: 283
The Baylor football program has lost its last five games and is in disarray after winning its first six of the season. During its losing streak, Baylor's defense has given up 47.6 points per game while scoring on 27.2. Look for WVU to score ealry and often against a dejected Bear football team.
  West Virginia 42-21  

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