Huggins Reflects on Career, Shares Memories After Winning Win Number 800

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Shortly after being honored for winning his 800th career game, West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins met with members of the media to reflect on the feat.

West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Bob Huggins has never been one for nostalgia, but after the Mountaineers picked up a 45 point win over UMKC and delivered their head coach a milestone 800th career victory, he took some time to reflect on his coaching career. Although he did dive deep into the memory bank, Huggins downplayed the feat by stating that winning is what he's supposed to do and paid to do and mentioned he couldn't even name the other 10 coaches who had won 800 career games at the collegiate level.

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Huggins was also asked to reflect on the most disappointing moment of his career and the best win of his career - he answered the question by talking about losing Kenyon Martin prior to the start of the NCAA tournament in 2000 but didn't clearly point to one win as the best. He did however take a small jab at his good friend John Calapari, stating he always liked beating the Kentucky head coach, but that counts for far more than just one victory.

When reflecting on the other coaches who have been extremely successful in their careers, Huggins made note that they all shared one common trait: competitiveness. Huggins is well-respected in the fraternal brotherhood of college basketball head coaches and he said no matter what the activity is - cards, golf, etc., any time he is together with successful head coaches they all want to win and hate to lose. Huggins also talked about pending time and learning from some of the most successful head coaches in college basketball history and said he has spent a lot of time trying to emulate the way they act both on and off of the court.

Huggins also touched on how he has been able to relate to a number of players from a wide variety of backgrounds in his 35 years of a head coach and he said its pretty simple - he is always honest and up front with people. He also made note that he has always kept the same demeanor and used the same principles, dating back to his first head coaching job at Walsh College. 

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