Lineup Still Not Set

There will be heavy competition for starting positions and playing time this week as West Virginia prepares to battle the East Carolina Pirates on Saturday.

After breaking down films and getting in work on Monday, head coach Rich Rodriguez says there will be more than one position battle to watch this week.

"The right guard position is still up in the air, as are some others," Rodriguez said Tuesday afternoon. "We are going to get some competion at several positions this week.

At guard, Travis Garrett is getting work with the first team as he battles Geoff Lewis for that spot. Garin Justice and Josh Stewart are also continuing to work at right tackle, and Mike Watson is being pushed at tackle to free up Jeff Berk should the guard position continue to be a problem.

Tight end should also continue to feature competition, as Josh Bailey and Ryan Thomas continue to push Tory Johnson. Johnson, who left the field on Monday, was mentioned as Rodriguez listed the players at the tight end spot.

"Tight end will probably by committee," Rodriguez said. "We didn't use two tight ends as much as we'd have liked last week."

Rodriguez also talked about the theory that a team shows the most improvement between weeks one and two.

"You find out more about your team between week one and two. You can find out who has improved from taking instructions and corrections after the first game."

Rodriguez also commented on a number of other topics.

Offensive Lines: "The lines were good and bad. They didn't have too too many mental mistakes, which is what you worry about. Some of the new guys who played for the first time did rather well. Mozes had a solid game, and Garin Justice held his own."

ECU Preparations: "We've had some interesting meetings just tryng to figure them out. We should get their films around practice time today (Tuesday). They have our films form last year, and we haven't changed a lot, but they have.

"We concentrated yesterday on making corrections from Saturday - today we will look more at ECU. We saw some pressure and man coverages that were different on the broadcast yesterday. We've also watched Southern Mississippi and Arkansas film from when John Thompson was the defensive coordinator was there was there. I've worked with Coach Stockstill (ECU's offensive coordinator), and the spread things they run look similar. But, the I formation and run game looks different.

"I'm more concerned with what we do than what their mindset is. I saw an ECU team that made some mistakes that are typical of a team playing their first game, and their first game with a new coach. I know Coach T pretty well, and I'm sure he will get that corrected."

Injuries: "Jahmile Addae will be limited in contact all week. He is still day to day, but was better today. His shoulder is not popping out, it's more of an irritation. He didn't hit anyone when he reinjured it. It's a different kind of injury, but he has been fighting through it pretty good. Everyone else should be ok for this weekend. Charles Hales tweaked an ankle on about his third play, but he should be ok.

Weather Hampers practice: "We wanted to go on grass all week, but we might not be able to go on our grass until Thursday. We need a canoe and some paddles."

Secondary Coverage: "I thought our seconday did a pretty good job coverage wise, especially in man. We had a couple of breakdowns in the zone, but otherwise it was ok. We just have to create more pressure. We did a lot more 4 man rush than we did last year, but we still aren't getting the pressure we need."

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