Verbal View: Lamonte McDougle Fits Neatly Into West Virginia Need List on Defensive Front

Defensive line needs? Check. Examining the very nice fit of defensive lineman Lamonte McDougle to West Virginia.


Lamonte McDougle is a very intense player, and that attribute fuels many of his actions on the field. He competes all out, and does an impressive job of channeling that on every play. That blue collar mentality should fit well in West Virginia's program ethos, where "effort" and "want to" make up for supposed lack of measurables. His stocky build also should help very well on the defensive front, as he plays with a low center of gravity. That enables him to, at worst, stand his ground, or, at best, work leverage to get into opposing backfields.

A Top 100 defensive tackle, McDougle's abilities were prized by numerous Division I schools. Although he did originally commit to Washington State, he appeared to handle recruitment well, and took a measured approach to all of his visits. While he maintained West Virginia as a leader throughout the process, he put in due diligence -- a positive sign for his work ethic and approach to the game.


McDougle isn't overly tall, standing just six feet, one inch. That isn't the kiss of death for a defensive lineman, and in some ways it can be a help, as it contributes to playing low. However, against linemen that stand several inches taller and have big wingspans, there's the danger of simply being engulfed by blockers with wider and longer frames. McDougle, in addition to employing his quick burst out of his stance, will need to hone his abilities in closer order battles to avoid getting locked up.

McDougle will also, like most other linemen, have to improve his pass rushing techniques. He has relied, understandably, on a quick get-off and superior quickness to pressure high school QBs, but will need to put together multiple moves on the back end of that initial play. With that base, he has a good foundation to build upon, but he will need to show that he can disengage from bigger blockers and still get to the passer.

OVERALL ANALYSIS says: "He plays with an impressive motor and does a nice job of firing off the ball with good pad level. He's agile in space and bull rushes with power as well, but needs to continue to reshape his frame with one year of high school left. McDougle wears his heart on his sleeve, and plays with an intriguing combination of power and athleticism in the interior of the defensive line."

McDougle also offers some potential versatility up front. While he has the build of a nose, he could play tackle, where his quickness might come into play more often. For WVU, which is always searching for more on the defensive line, that could be a huge bonus in years to come.

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