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West Virginia Expects Several Preferred Walk-ons To Join Football Program

While they don't sign binding letters of intent, several West Virginia preferred walk-ons have made their commitments to the Mountaineer program, and have signed a Document of Commitment, while others are expected to pledge their football fortunes to the Mountaineer program

West Virginia has always had a strong walk-on program, but this year's group might have more potential than any of those of the past few seasons. While achieving at the level of a Justin Arndt might not be achievable for all, the Mountaineers have a strong base of preferred walk-ons lined up in the class of 2017. West Virginia has its walk-ons sign a "Document of Commitment" and while that is non-binding on the part of the player, WVU guarantees them a spot on the squad during fall practice. Most all follow through with that, in the hopes of one day earning a scholarship.

Among those who have already signed, or are expected to sign, the Document of Commitment include:

Also, Ben Waibogha, who had previously said he would walk on at WVU, has signed with Lackawanna. That's a good development for the Mountaineer program, as he could follow the well-traveled path from the Falcon campus back to West Virginia.

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