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Cowboys Pull Down 14 More Boards Than Mountaineers

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - There was a lot to be unhappy about in Saturday's loss to Oklahoma State, but Bob Huggins seemed the most peeved by West Virginia's inability to rebound the basketball.

Bob Huggins has been coaching basketball for 35 years so there isn't much that surprises the veteran head coach, but the head man said West Virginia's (lack of) rebounding effort was uncharted after the defeat.

"I don't think we have ever been outrebounded like that," said Huggins. "In 35 years, I can't remember getting beat that bad on the glass. Maybe, but I don't remember getting beat that bad on the glass."

The Mountaineers brought down only 16 boards in the loss to the Cowboys and Huggins specifically called out his small forwards for their lack of effort on the glass. Neither Esa Ahmad or Lamont West pulled down a rebound despite combining for 41 minutes of playing time.

"I think it's hard to hide from the fact that we have played a big at the three position thinking that it could give us an advantage," remarked Huggins. "We got zero rebounds form our bigs at the three position. Zero. None defensive, none offensive. It wasn't an advantage. And you know, their three position, (Jeffrey Carroll), had 14. He had two or something to start the game. We got beat up at the three spot."

Of course rebounding wasn't Huggins only complaint, but it seemed to be the thing he was most perturbed by, West Virginia hasn't been great at rebounding this season, but it's hard to remember the last time a Mountaineer team only came down with 16 boards. 

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