Still Work to Do On Defensive End Moving Forward

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Despite winning by 19 points, Bob Huggins still sees many areas for improvement for his team.

West Virginia forced 19 turnovers, held Kansas State to 35 percent shooting from the field on Saturday afternoon, but Bob Huggins was not nearly as impressed with his team's effort as he was against Oklahoma just days ago.

"We turned people loose too much again," said Huggins. "We have to do a better job of not turning people loose at the rim. Thank God we have five centers because if we had two of them they both would have fouled out. We can't keep turning people loose at the rim like that. It's all of the perimeter guys."

That was as much as critical as Huggins would be towards the referees though, and he did not criticize Saturday's officials (despite the fact that the zebras called 30 fouls against the Mountaineers and whistled West Virginia for two technical fouls) and simply stated that the tight officiating caused the Mountaineers to change the way they pressed.

"We really backed off of pressure," said Huggins. "We want to get the game going up and down. We want to use our depth and we couldn't really do the full court press and get them playing as fast as we wanted them to play. We don't want them to continue to score from the free throw line, so you have to back off of it come."

Huggins did say hew would like to say more about the two technical fouls that wee assessed and also went on to advocate for the NCAA having its own group of officials instead of independently contracting out officiating jobs, something he said would be mutually beneficial and had also mentioned earlier in the week on his teleconference.

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