Mental Lapses, Defensive Play Among Huggins Top Frustratuons

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Bob Huggins sees much room for improvement as the Mountaineers play out the final stretch of the season.

Earlier in the week West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins said he wanted his team to play with an edge for the rest of the season; in his post-game press conference he stated that we was still angry about the Kansas loss, but its safe to say that the veteran head coach wasn't overly pleased with the overall effort of West Virginia on Saturday afternoon. Among Huggins chief concerns were some of the the mental lapses on the defensive side of the court that occurred late.

"In overtime we get up and then we stop guarding," said Huggins. "It's hard to imagine what goes through some of our guys heads sometimes. We have a potential shot clock violation, the guy picked up his dribble in the corner, and we foul. That's just hard to understand why you do that. Why would you even think to try? I thought that was a big one. Then we turn them loose twice for a layup."

It wasn't only defense that didn't earn Huggins' approval however, as the coach didn't seem too pleased with the Mountaineers' shooting either. West Virginia shot 42 percent from the field, but made just 5-24 shots from behind the arc.

"We really didn't shoot the ball well the whole game," recalled Huggins. "JC (Jevon Carter) made some shots. I thought Dax shot the ball well in shootaround and I thought he would have a good night. He ended up 5-8, but he missed some open shots."

The Mountaineers will assuredly have more to work on if they hope to win a postseason Big 12 conference championship and advance deep into the NCAA tournament, but a win is a win and today was a good start. If West Virginia can macth Huggins anger and develop the edge he hopes to see, it would be a step in the right direction.

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