Huggins Not Concerned After First Half Fall, Pleased With Mountaineers' Energy

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia's energy was the number one item that stood out to Bob Huggins in Monday night's win over Texas.

After Monday night's 77-62 victory over Texas Bob Huggins entered his post-game press conference as if nothing had happened. For those who are unaware, there was a scary moment for Mountaineer fans everywhere in the first half when Huggins dropped to his knees during a timeout. Huggins made it clear that was fine and even quipped that he was surprised he didn't get a technical for falling to his knees (a joke referencing a technical against Oklahoma State). Huggins revealed that it was just a matter of getting up too fast and that his defibrillator gave a warning shock.

"I guess I got a little light headed, which is what I do when I stand up too fast," said Huggins. "A lot of it is old age and some of it is the medication I take. It happened when I fell down before, when I stand up (too fast) I get light headed. And then the defibrillator went off. That's the second time it has gone off. It goes off and then it just shocks your heart back into rhythm."

It's safe to say that Huggins may have been the least concerned person in the building after falling to his knees in the first half. What huggins was concerned about, however, was his team's overall focus and energy.

"My message to them before the game was we have to play with energy," said Huggins. "Somehow we have to find a way to play with energy because we're not very good when we don't play with energy. I thought these freshmen came in and gave us a lot of energy. The press was better, we made shots at the rim and we got the crowd involved. I thought (the crowd) was really a key to getting the lead at halftime."

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