Akeem Jackson Report

BlueGoldNews.com talked with Elizabeth High School head coach Jerry Moore about linebacker/defensive back Akeem Jackson.

"I really think he could play either position in college," Moore said of Jackson. "He's definitely fast enough to play strong safety, but he's tough, too. There's no doubt he can run well enough to play in the secondary."

The Mountaineer coaching staff sees the speed that Jackson brings to the table and hopes to employ it at the thin outside linebacker position, but should the need arise Jackson would not have much problem in making the switch to safety.

Jackson played outside linebacker for Elizabeth this past season, and displayed his speed and aggressiveness by leading the team in sacks for both his junior and senior seasons. Jackson is also a member of the Elizabeth wrestling squad.

Jackson was not just a pass rusher, however. He plays well in space and performed well in coverage, according to Moore.

"Akeem is very good in pass coverage. A lot of hour alignments had him taking the tight end and running backs man on man, and he did very well."

Moore's Elizabeth squad played a 50 front most of the time, so with WVU's expected return to an odd man front, Jackson should not have a difficult time fitting in to the Mountaineers' defensive scheme.

There might be some initial concern that Jackson, at six feet and 190 pounds, might be a bit undersized for a linebacker spot, but Moore points out that family history indicates Jackson is not done growing.

"When Mailk left here, he was about 6-1 200, and he ended up at 235 at Rutgers. Jamil was about 220 when he graduated, and he went to 255. Akeem grew an inch during his senior season, so I'm pretty sure he has another growth spurt remaining."

Jackson's commitment to WVU breaks one string but begins another. Two of Jackson's older brothers (Malik and Jamil) played for Rutgers and achieved high honors, but Akeem was pursuaded by Rich Rodriguez and staff to go out of state and end the family connection with the Scarlet Knights.

On the other hand, Jackson reconnects WVU to the talent rich state of New Jersey, where commitments to West Virginia had been few over the past couple of years.

"It seemed like I had at least one player [at West Virginia] about ten years in a row," said Moore. "It's good to get another player in there."

Jackosn, who is already qualified, visited Minnesota along with WVU, and also had interest in Pitt and Wake Forest.

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