AD Asks For Cooperation At Saturday's Game

WVU Athletic Director Ed Pastilong notes that fans attending Saturday's game can help speed the entry process at the gates.

With the increased security procedures in effect for Saturday's game with Kent State, delays can be expected at gates entering the stadium, especially for those arriving just before kickoff. spoke with Athletic Directory Ed Pastilong about the new measures and how fans could help.

"We want to make the game safe and comfortable for our fans, so we're asking for their help in entering the stadium," Pastilong says.

All bags carried into the game will be searched, and no large backpacks or bags will be permitted. Small bags for carrying personal items will be allowed, but will be subjected to hand searches.

The searching of all bags will slow down entry into the stadium, and the Athletic Director says fans can help by being ready as the approach the gates.

"If our fans will have their bags open and ready for security as they come up to the stadium, that will help a great deal," Pastilong says. "That will help cut down on the time it takes for each person to get in."

Congestion can also be avoiding by entering the stadium early and cutting down on the number of items carried into the game.

Pastilong also noted that fans will still be able to go out of the stadium and re-enter, but that they will be subjected to the same search procedures when they reenter.

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