Holgorsen Mum On Injuries, Pleased With Schedule Change For Opener

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Shortly before West Virginia's 10th practice of the season, head coach Dana Holgorsen tackled a wide array of topics pertaining to the Mountaineers' football program.

Over the weekend West Virginia held its first full contact scrimmage of the spring, something the Mountaineer players were excited about, but was business as usual for head coach Dana Holgorsen. Holgorsen, who is entering his seventh season at the helm for West Virginia, took some time to discuss how he felt about the first scrimmage of the year.

"We had four live periods prior (to the scrimmage). The difference in a scrimmage is that the kids get a little more excited about it because there's not an hour and a half practice prior to it. We got 105 reps on Saturday and it was fine. There was some good stuff and some bad stuff."

While Holgorsen wasn't enamored with the results of the scrimmage, he did seem happy about the prospect on opening up the season on a Sunday night, a move that was announced last week.

"I'm thrilled about that move," noted Holgorsen. "It's going to be great for the program. Everybody watched Texas and Notre Dame last year. There were a lot of eyes on that game and there will be a lot of eyes on this game."

An item the head man was less enthused to talk about was injuries, and he noted he wouldn't be discussing them any further and would only be talking about healthy players from here on out.

"I'm not talking about injuries," said Holgorsen. "I know it sounds like I'm irritated and I am but we're going to talk about guys who play football. We're not going to talk about injuries. If you're guilty you're guilty, if you're not then ignore what I'm saying. Too many people focus on injuries. At this time of the year who cares? We're trying to get guys healthy."

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