Quarterback Preparing For Life After West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Skyler Howard is once again embracing an underdog role as he prepares for the next step of his playing career.

Just a month ago West Virginia sent five players to the NFL Combine to go through a variety of drills and workouts in front of NFL scouts and coaches. One player who was absent from that list was starting quarterback Skyler Howard. From Stephen F. Austin to juco to starting Division I quarterback, Howard's underdog story has been well-documented throughout his time at West Virginia, so the fact that he wasn't invited to the NFL combine wasn't going to hinder his plans or preparation to play professional football.

"There are a lot of people who don't go to the combine who come out here and kill it at pro day and are automatically on the map," said Howard. "A few months ago I'm pretty sure people weren't even taking me seriously about going to the NFL. For me it's just restarting the process. It's what they told me when I went to West Virginia. I'm not really worried about (missing the combine) it's just restarting the process for me."

Howard returned to Fort Worth, TX and went through a variety of workouts while preparing for West Virginia's pro day, Among his main areas of emphasis were accuracy and footwork.

"Accuracy and footwork (were the two main areas of focus). We didn't do a lot o under center stuff here and I can do shotgun in my sleep so I was really working on drops and play fakes and learning different schemes. The NFL is a different type of game."

West Virginia's pro day lasted roughly two and a half hours, but when it was all said and done Howard felt like he had put on a good show for the scouts in attendance (every NFL team sent scouts to West Virginia's campus).

"I felt like I came out here and did what I needed to do," said Howard. "I have been training for months for this and it feels good to move past it and attack it like we did. It was good to get out here one last time with my brothers."

Howard also noted that he has received mostly positive feedback from the scouts he was talked to and as he noted, it only takes one team to believe in his abilities and to give him a chance.

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