Mazey Points to Performances of Myers, Gonzalez and Gray in Friday Night Win

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Randy Mazey was happy to see his team put forth a dominating performance against Kansas on Friday night.

With Friday night's victory, West Virginia earned its fifth win in a row and took the first game of the series against Kansas. As head coach Randy Mazey reviewed his ball club's performances, he pointed to the pitching of B.J. Myers and the batting of Ivan Gonzales and Kyle Gray as a big reason why the Mountaineers were able to handle Kansas with relative ease in the win.

"As a starting pitcher you have to get warm and stay warm and do your thing. That was a complete game at the perfect time. He's a guy who makes batters go back to the dugout having no idea what pitches they just saw. He can throw at different angles, different speeds and different directions and that's what makes B.J. so good."

Mazey was of course referring to Myers's first career complete game; the junior threw 125 pitches and allowed just one earned run in the top of the ninth inning. Mazey was also pleased with the play of Gray and Gonzalez, who both got off to slow starts to the season but are starting to give the Mountaineers some much needed offense.

"Ivan (Gonzalez) and Kyle Gray both had really good years for us last year and started off pretty slow this year but they haven't given up and gotten down about it. They have kept staying with it and staying confident and now they're getting rewarded for they acted two or three weeks ago. That's good to see."

Both Gonzales and Gray hit two run home runs in West Virginia's win. The Mountaineers will be back in action on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. when they look to take they're third series in a row. 

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