WVU Signee Derek Culver Says "I Will Be In Morgantown in June"

BECKLEY, W. Va. - West Virginia basketball signee Derek Culver said that he will be in Morgantown in June, and that reports of academic issues keeping him off his high school team this year were off-target.

"My academics were fine. The reason I was off my team was me and my mom's decision with something that was going on," Culver said after his EIN team downed Crossroads Chevrolet 124-167 in the Scott Brown Classic. "Everyone thought it was my academics -- the reason I wasn't playing -- but that wasn't it at all. I've been there three or four years and never had an academic problem.

"The Clearinghouse, I am good. NCAA Clearinghouse, I am fine," said Culver. When asked if he was ok with graduation, GPA and test scores, he responded, "Yes, sir. Everything is fine. I will be in Morgantown in June."

When it was announced that Culver would not play for the remainder of his senior season, he became the subject of intense scrutiny and speculation. He admits that was difficult to deal with.

"I missed it. I grew up playing basketball. Once I didn't have that basketball in my hand it was like 'Derek, what are you going to do now?' It was back to square one.

"I'm not going to lie. It was kind of hard. The next day I was all on the news, and [they were saying] Derek Culver is this that and the other. Everyone didn't know the true story and what happened behind it, so it was something that I just had to roll with. It was a learning lesson. We have a man at our school named Mr. Parker. He's a school employee that helps with athletics. That man right there, he kept me sane. When I was going off the edge and saying I don't know what to do, he told me 'Derek, this is what we have to do. Go back to square one. He made me feel good."

With his senior season done, Culver worked out at a nearby gym on his own, and also concentrated on getting into better shape while keeping an eye on the future. While admitting that he's not in "college shape", he said he felt like he is in "high school shape", but acknowledges that he has much more work to do in order to be able to play at West Virginia.

 Asked if there were any hurdles that he still had to clear in order to get to WVU, Culver noted that it was just the preparations for the challenges of head coach Bob Huggins and the Mountaineer program.

"I have to prepare myself for Huggs, the mental aspect of it, and stay off that treadmill. I have to go back to the drawing board and figure out things I need to work on, like my cardio, and go from there." 

Culver said he plans to get to WVU in early June.

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