West Virginia's Skill Position Players & Linebackers Work Ball Drills During Tuesday's Practice Session

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The emphasis on ball security and turnover creation and avoidance is displayed in these clips from West Virginia's skill players and linebackers.

First, the Mountaineer tight ends and fullbacks, above, concentrate on making the catch and getting the ball into the body and secured as quickly as possible before taking and fending off a hit. The wideouts then take their turn while Mike Molina can be seen practicing field goals behind the drill. The reps are a reminder of making the catch and getting the ball secured quickly, while understanding there will be near imminent contact.

The linebackers, below, follow with a typical opening practice drill, one in which they work off a ball thrown toward their feet to mimic avoiding traffic, then secure both a fumble and an interception while getting back upfield. The drill has been a staple of the initial run-throughs for the defense, which cycles all three levels through a series of stations designed to maximize the ability to create turnovers, and secure them when available.

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