Mazey Wants to See WVU Play Hard For Final Stretch of Season

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Randy Mazey shared his thoughts after West Virginia dropped game three of its series to Oklahoma.

Shortly after West Virginia dropped a heart breaker to Oklahoma Randy Mazey has a message for his team - keep fighting.

"We only have about three weeks left in this deal," said Mazey. "What is going to carry us through the stretch here is simply effort. The effort was really good today and all I told them was to sustain the effort that you gave today for the rest of the season. They need to just commit for the next three weeks of their life - commit to this jersey and to the university and to all of the people who come watch you and all of the kids who look up to you. Just give it all for the Mountaineers over the next three weeks. If we do that then we're plenty good enough to finish strong but if we don't get the effort we won't. It has to be 100 percent across the board."

So far, effort hasn't been an issue for the Mountaineers. What has been an issue, however, is pitching depth and untimely outs on offense. Today the Mountaineers got a boost from freshman Ryan McDonald, who threw 2.2 scoreless innings and looked as good as he has this season.

"In the big scheme of things it was more important for us to get some big pitching performances this weekend than it was for us to win this series. We did that. McDonald pitched well (freshman Sam Kessler) pitched well, (Braden Zarbnisky) pitched well and Manoah pitched well. That's what we need down the stretch. In the short term winning this series would have been nice but in the long term having those guys with some confidence is probably more important."

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