Effort From Top to Bottom of Roster Impresses WVU Head Man After Game

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Randy Mazey was more than pleased with his team's play on Tuesday evening.

To state the completely obvious, West Virginia head coach Randy Mazey was pretty pleased with the Mountaineers' performance in a dominant 17-1 win over Eastern Michigan. Effort, which was a main talking point after the series loss to Oklahoma, was one item that specifically stuck out to the head coach.

"It was a pretty good effort tonight," said Mazey. "That's overstating the obvious. We're talented enough. If the talent on our team brings the effort every game consistently then we're going to get good results. That game couldn't have gone any better from the pitchers we put out there that really needed to pitch to the guys coming off of the bench. The guys coming off of the bench just don't come off the bench and let the game finish itself. They played well. That's super encouraging and super hard to do for those guys. I'm really proud of them."

Specifically, the play of reserve first basemen Kevin Brophy stood out. Brophy, who had only three hits on the season, hit three balls on Tuesday night and that should be an encouraging sign for the future as the Mountaineers prepare for life without Jackson Cramer. In the meantime, however, the focus is on the impending weekend series with Texas Tech, who is sitting at No.5 in the country.

"Maybe their arms are tired," said Mazey of the Red Raiders, who have scored 20 runs or more in two of the last four contests. "I know their legs are tired from running around the bases. That's one of the best college baseball teams out there and one of the best offensive teams so we're going to have to do the same thing - carry that consistent effort that we have been giving and not worry too much about the results, but about the effort."

With just a few weeks left to solidify a spot in the NCAA tournament, it's clear that effort will be a continuous talking point for Mazey and this West Virginia team.

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