West Virginia will receive $34.8 million from the Big12

West Virginia receives $34.8 million from the Big12 Conference.

The Big12 Conference announced revenue shares Friday, and with the official numbers out, West Virginia - and the rest of the conference - rank as high as anyone in the country in money made with this latest deal.

Commissioner Bob Bowlsby announced today that each member institution would take home roughly $34.8 million from television, bowl, and NCAA Tournament contracts for the most recent fiscal year. 

That number alone is a fifteen percent increase over the previous year, but does not tell the whole story. Most conferences have control over Tier 3 media rights when passing out these dollars, but the Big12 does not. In the case of West Virginia, their Tier 3 deal is with IMG to the tune of $80 million over twelve years, plus extra revenue sharing on top of that. The deal has reached into the "extra revenue cut" portion of the agreement already, as witnessed by the funding for the new video boards that are being put up this summer. 

Adding the Big12 cut with the IMG deal puts West Virginia over $41 million this year, putting them in line with the top programs in the country. 

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