No Time For Panic

Head coach Rich Rodriguez understands the frustration of Mountaineer fans, but he is preaching patience with his team.

"We had about ten plays where we were one breakdown away from having a positive play of 10 yards or more," Rodriguez said of the Maryland game. "We don't want to panic, but we are still working on it. Our confidence was shaken somewhat, but it's not so much your scheme as it is the execution. That's what we have to improve.

"There's a little bit of tweaking going on with the scheme and also with the evaluation of players. We do that after every game, win or lose. We are trying to do some things to help with the offensive line, but you can't oversimplify."

Rodriguez also noted that inexperience, both in playing and in leadership, is affecting WVU's play.

"Inexperience is playing a factor not only on the offensive line, but at many positions. It can show in different ways, like on third down when we want to go faster.

"We want our two experienced guys up front to take charge and be more vocal, and we've talked to them about that.

"That's true at other positions too - wide receiver, defensive back. The veterans have to take charge if someone like Brian King or Grant goes down."

Rodriguez also acknowledged the frustration that many Mountaineer supporters are feeling.

"We had a good meeting yesterday. I know fans are disappointed and upset, but there's no one more disappointed than we are. But, we are not going to panic. We are working hard. We do have a handful of guys that need to get their attitude right and jump on board with the others. There are good things going on, but it's just not translating onto the field."


WVU wanted to apply immediately for medical redshirts for the injured Tim Brown and Jahmile Addae, but the Big East apparently prefers that those requests be made at the end of the season. Appeals for a medical redshrit for both of those players are ready to go, but will be held until the conclusion of the season.

* * *

The Mountaineers will practice Tuesady and Wednesday this week. Thursday will be a light day, and Friday no practice will be held. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be conducted as a normal game week of practice before WVU travels to Miami on Wednesday.

* * *

With no practice on Friday, WVU is finalizing a "jayvee" scrimmage against Hargrave on Friday. The Mountaineers will also try to get another such scrimmage against Fork Union Military Academy later in the season.

* * *

WVU's defense did a poor job of getting off blocks, which led to a number of positive plays for the Terrapins.

"We just didn't get many stops, and the best way to get rest for the defense is to get three and outs," Rodriguez said. "We only had 21 plays on offense at halftime, but the defense still has to stop someone."

* * *

Although losses make recruiting a bit more difficult, Rodriguez still believes WVU is in good shape at this stage of recruiting season.

"Recruiting is going pretty well. We have a number of solid early commitments, and now we are trying to pare things down to need by position."

Rodrgiuez also noted a few position changes will be looked at this week.

"We are looking at moving some wide receivers around. We'll look at Miquelle Henderson, who usually plays outside, in the slot. And we might move Chris Henry to the X receiver at times. They'll still play their primary positions, but we'll look at them at other spots."

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