Lawsuit Returns To Court

After a two month period of depositions and discovery, the Big East's lawsuit against the ACC Miami will be back in court on Monday.

The issue being heard on September 25 is a motion from both the ACC and Miami to dismiss the lawsuit. The motion is mostly based on jurisdictional grounds, with the defendants contending that the court's location in Connecticut is not the proper venue for the suit.

The ACC contends that they don't have enough contacts, or do enough business, in the state to justify the suit's location there. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is countering that the presence of the University of Connecticut, which is one of the plantiffs in the suit, along with ESPN, which is headquarted in Bristol, provides more than enogh weight to make the location of legal action justifiable.

The arguments will be heard by Rockville Superior Court Judge Samuel J. Sferrazza, who has presided over the lawsuit from its inception.

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