"Drive and Dedication"

LaSalle High School head football coach Tom Grippa says that West Virginia's newest football verbal commitment is a "100% all out guy".

"He's the toughest kid I've coached," said Gripp of star guard Ryan Stanchek, who has committed to play for the Mountaineers. "He loves the hitting and the intensity of football, and has tremendous drive and dedication. In fact, in practice, we have to back him off sometimes. He's the kind of guy you have to pull off the pile. He's just a 100% all out type of guy, and I know the Mountaineer coaches are going to love him."

Grippa, who coaches a pread offense similar to West Virginia's, believes that Stanchek has a bright future in front of him.

"He has good feet, and really good balance. I think that comes some from playing three sports," Grippa noted. "We think he has the chance to play on Sundays. He's 6-5 and about 265 now, but when he gets on the weights he'll probably go to about 315."

Stachek, who plays basketball and also runs track, has not been able to focus extensively on weightlifting the way single sport performers do in the offseason. For that reason Grippa believes that his star senior might not have gotten quite the attention that some other players have received, but that he'll make it up quickly.

"He just has a tremendous drive to do well," Grippa explained. "Once he becomes a one sport guy, he should improve very quickly. He just hasn't had the time to put in a lot of weight work yet, because he plays three sports, and he's good at them."

Despite the lack of specialization, Stanchek is still the player that LaSalle runs behind when they need tough yardage. He's also already familiar with many of the basics of offensive line play in the spread offense, including zone blocking and pulling, so Grippa believes that transition should be a smooth one for him.

Stanchek plays offensive guard exclusively at LaSalle, where there aren't any two way performers due to the size of the school. He will likely play guard in college, but could grow into a tackle as well. He was a first team all-conference selection as a junior, and should be in the running for similar honors this year.

Stanchek was recruited by Bruce Tall, who drew words of praise from Grippa for his involvement in the recruiting process.

"Coach Tall is a very good recruiter," Grippa noted. "He's not a high pressure guy, and he stays positive. He doesn't run down other schools. He just handles the process very well."

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