Things of That Nature - Maryland

Head Coach Rich Rodriguez got "about two hours" of sleep after Saturday's loss to the Maryland Terrapins.

The cause? Lost opportunities.

"You always feel sick after you lose, but I feel worse after watching the film," Rodriguez said on Sunday. "We had plenty of chances to put points on the board and put the game away, but we just didn't do it."

Six turnovers, combined with penalties and poor execution on several plays within scoring range, combined to kill any WVU chance to win the game. Rodriguez, however, remains optimistic that things can turn around.

"We just have to keep plugging and keep teaching. We have to communicate to our guys that if we get the right plays called, and have all eleven players execute correctly, we're going to be tough to stop."

Rodriguez readily admits that there were some things he could have done differently. A couple of red zone scoring chances went awry due to play calls that Rodriguez would like to have back, but that's true of most any game. The main thing, in Rodriguez' mind, continues to be execution.

"I know some people have said that the spread offense doesn't work inside the red zone, but I don't buy that. We just have to run the plays correctly and get everyone doing the same thing."


* Rodriguez wants to get more players in the game, especially at wide receiver. Rodriguez also noted that it's a joint responsibility between the position coaches and himself to make sure they get in.

"Miquelle Henderson and Mike Page have probably earned the chance to play more. We need to get them in, and to play some more players. Sometimes in the heat of battle, you tend to stick with your proven performers, because every play is so crucial. But we have to get them in there."

* Although Rodriguez is not big on moral victories or positives in a loss, he is pleased with his team's effort. The Mountaineers continue to "play hard" in his eyes.

Although Rodriguez said no new major injuries came out of the game, several Mountianeers were dinged. Defensive tackle Antwan Lake came off with a back spasm, while both O'Randai Cox and Miquelle Henderson suffered ankle sprains.

Linebacker Grant Wiley played almost fifty snaps, but according to Rodriguez didn't cause any additional damage to his bad hamstring.

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