Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas Ralphie! Don't ever tell anyone we never gave you anything.

After the long drive back from College Park, and two nights of very little sleep, it is obvious that this team will win the NCAA Miss Congeniality Award this season.

Storm down field. Interception. Storm back down field. Interception. Finally break through and tie ball game. Fumble. Again down six.

Heck, even Maryland was in a giving mood Saturday as they missed not one, but two extra points, and bungled a sure scoring opportunity at the end of the first half.

The fact of the matter is, West Virginia was its own worst enemy on Saturday.

And while everyone is piling on Brad Lewis, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Brad had a super day, sandwiched between his constant tosses to persons in red jerseys. And you can't forget the brain cramp that broke the second quarter tie when we were storming down the field to take the lead.

On the plus side, there were some marvelous passes to wideouts all day as WVU marched inside the 20 no less than seven times on the day.

Six turnovers. Six. It shouldn't even have been a close game. Too bad nobody told the defense. In all, they played pretty well, despite not getting much pressure on the quarterback for most of the game.

But one can't expect the defense to bail out the offense time after time after time.

Sooner or later someone needs to realize that the idea is to score more than the other team. Not to see who can run more plays, have more first downs and have more yards.

But, now that Brad has taken his lumps, it is time for Coach Rod to get some lumps of his own. The players seem to know the scheme. They ran it well on Saturday. The mistakes made didn't have much to do with running the plays.

But Coach called a miserable game on Saturday. The jumbo look on fourth and one, when we could easily get that out of the regular spread, was a bad idea.

Toss sweep on fourth down, horrible.

(To Coach Rod's credit, he admitted that he made some bad calls after the game.)

And it is time to let Brad start calling some audibles. If the whole goal is to speed up play, the practice of Rich calling the audibles is quite possibly the most time consuming thing we do. And it was responsible for our first delay of game of the year.

And we finally got a taste of referees who could give a darn about Spot the Ball. It was routine to watch Maryland substitute players, and the officials let them get off the field before spotting the ball. When WVU did catch them off guard, the Mountaineers were successful nearly every time. But the officials slowed up play. The officials were not at fault for 32 points.


· Why anyone kicks the ball to Shawn Terry is beyond me.

· Why we never throw the ball long to Shawn Terry is beyond me.

· Why Cooper Rego doesn't play more is beyond me.

· Maryland is a horrible place to attend a football game. Their traffic control was non-existant. Their parking directions were a joke. Their stadium is bush league. And their fans don't even know how to be rude. I personally will not attend a game at Byrd Stadium again, unless a miracle paycheck starts to appear with this column. (Ask my editor the chances of that)

· Rich Rodriguez has a marvelous offensive system.

· Rich is having growing pains as a coach just like the players. And it will take a little time.

· If we turn the ball over six times against Tech, they will score 80.

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