Fall Refresher

WVU head basketball coach and nearly 300 of his bretheren attended a meeting of the National Association of Basketball Coaches on Wednesday to discuss and being working on a code of ethics, but there wasn't much new ground covered for the Mountaineer mentor.

"We already do those things here," Beilein said of some of the items discussed at the one day meeting. "I talk with my assistants about the right way to do things, and we do them here."

Beilein did admit that there was some good to come out of the meeting, which was called in response to a number of ugly incidents involving coaches over the past year, but believes that it will be a monumental task to get a common platform for all the coaches to stand on.

"I do think we made some progress, but there are so many different types of schools out there, with so many different missions, that it might be tough to get them all together."

For the meeting to result anything more than a public relations move, the NABC will have to not only come out with their own code of ethics and punishments, but also work closely with the NCAA to generate a more consistent set of rules for punishing transgressions, including stiffer penalties for secondary violoations.

According to Beielin, an attempt might also be made to work together to clean up some of the many of the NCAA rules covering the game off the court.

"We have some dumb rules out there, but we have made them that way," Beilein noted. "Some of them are the result of our own doing."

However, the first effort of the NABC to lay down consequences was met with mixed emotions by Beilein. The association deemed that any coach not attending the meeting would lose the right to buy Final Four tickets, and while that threat apparently helped attendance, Beilein didn't sound very thrilled with the mandate.

"The didn't need to do that to get me here, or a number of the other coaches either," Beilein said.

With this meeting out of the way, Beilein will lead his team onto the Coliseum floor tonight as part of Midnight Mania at the WVU Coliseum. Admission is free, with the doors opening at 10:30 p.m.

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