Tangerine Bowl Returns; Boosts WVU's Hopes

Florida Citrus Sports has announced a second postseason game to be played in the Florida Citrus Bowl (stadium) in 2001. The former Micronpc.com bowl will become the Tangerine Bowl, and will match teams from the Atlantic Coast and Big East conferences this season.

The game, which will be played Thursday, Dec. 20 and shown on ESPN or ESPN2, replaces a hole in the Big East bowl schedule for this season. The San Francisco Bowl, formerly one of the two Aloha/Oahu Bowls played in Hawaii, has been unable to find a date and location.

It therefore appeared that the Big East would be short one bowl slot for this season, and that shortage looked to affect WVU the most as they figure to be fighting for bowl eligibility.

The commitment to the Big East is for one season only. Future editions of the Tangerine Bowl could also include the Big East, but the Big 12 conference is also in the hunt for a slot along with the host ACC.

The Florida Citrus Bowl game is also played at the Citrus Bowl Stadium.

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