Twenty Questions

A veritable plethora of questions, and a bit of advice, from columnist Bill Gleason concerning Saturday's matchup with the Hokies.

1. Can the Mountaineers get rid of fumbleitis before this weekend?

2. Can Brad keep his throws in the direction of his own team?

3. Can the defense slow down the Tech running game?

4. Can the students fill the stands early, and stay late, and show Tech what Mountaineer Field is all about?

5. Can the weather really get as cold as some people are predicting?

6. Can Avon run against Tech like he has against the last three teams?

7. Can Shawn Terry return a kick against possibly the best special teams in the country?

8. Will Tech even kick the ball to Terry?

9. Will Cooper Rego get more than a cameo appearance on Saturday?

10. Is Grant Wiley healthy enough to make a real difference this week?

11. Can Rick Sherrod continue to lead the conference in tackles?

12. Is that really a good thing?

13. Will Frazier, King or Daniels start at the corner this week?

14. Will anyone ever let Lew Daniels forget the last Tech game here?

15. Will the Mountaineer defensive line get more pressure on Grant Noel?

16. Will Coach Rodriguez run any trick plays against Tech?

17. Will the officials spot the ball fast enough this week?

18. Will someone be asked to sit down during a crucial time in the game, when the team is begging us to cheer?

19. Will Coach Rod rotate more receivers in the game this week?

20. Can the offensive line hold up against the Tech rush?

Who knows?

But there is one way to find out. Show up early. Stay late. And plan on leaving your voice inside Mountaineer Field on Saturday.

Don't make the team beg for some noise. And don't make noise when WVU has the ball.

The fans can dominate this game. This place gets loud. I remember it. Can you?

Wear your gold with pride.

See you Saturday.

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