Fearless Picks - Central Florida

West Virginia's domination of Virginia Tech caused some shuffling in the predictors' season records. We have the feeling this week's game won't result in such a shakeup.


Last Wk: W
Season 4-3

The most common worry in a game like this is overlooking the opponent. After a big win against the country's third ranked team it would be easy for the Gold and Blue to take this struggling UCF squad lightly. Any such letdown, however, would be a disaster as the Golden Knights do have a great deal of ability waiting to explode. Fortunately for Rodriguez and staff, UCF coach Mike Kruczek has provided more than enough ammunition to keep the Mountaineers focused on the task at hand. The West Virginia ground attack will take the Knights' defense all of the way back to kindergarten as they learn their alphabet (Q, K, and J) and their numbers (1, 2, and 3) all over again. Rodriguez and the Mountaineers will make Kruczek understand what "redneck" football is all about with swarming defense and a punishing rushing attack. Surely the goalposts will be safe in this one as West Virginia will pull a few tricks and give the home fans a treat. WVU

Last Wk: W
Season 6-1

This is a make or break game for the Mountaineers. We've seen how WVU gets up for teams who are at the top of the division, now let's see if they can improve their performance against the lower level teams of 1A. Expected to contend for the MAC title in 2003, UCF simply hasn't performed well enough to get respect from the MAC, much less the nation. An 0-5 record on the road this season with a trip to Mountaineer Field in November is bad enough. WVU is ripe for an emotional letdown this week, coming off the biggest win in the Rodriguez era. This will essentially come down to the movable object against the unstoppable force. Quincy will once again plant an unsuspecting linebacker who attempts to tackle him. Ryan Schneider will keep UCF in the game longer than people expect, but his injured shoulder is likely to take a few hits. Look for the Mountaineers to improve every game from here on out. WVU

Last Wk: L
Season 4-3

With WVU looking to run the table and capture a bowl invitation (a scenario that looked bleak before last week), the UCF Golden Knights will have to play their best game to have a chance at an upset. The Knights have struggled through the first half of the season, but their confidence is riding high after last week's victory over Central Michigan. West Virginia's confidence is also at a season high and will hand the ball over to Quincy Wilson, Kay Jay Harris and the offensive line to bring this victory home. The only thing burned in Morgantown this weekend will be the Golden Knight defense. WVU

Last Wk: L
Season 4-3

West Virginia looks to continue thier improved play against Central Florida. UCF comes to Morgantown with one of the worst defenses in Division 1. It's possible that WVU will suffer a letdown from the Virginia Tech upset, but I don't see it that way. Lay the 21 points and take Mountaineers to roll... WVU

Last Wk: W
Season 3-4

Dear UCF:
U.C. Quincy running for 200 yards.
U.C. Rasheed throwing for 200 yards.
U.C. Grant Wiley doing terrible and malicious things to your quarterback.
U.C. Pac Man Jones able to lock up your entire receiving corps by himself.
UCF? I see a W.

Last Wk: W
Season 6-1

Now that its got momentum, WVU must not slip back and play down to its opponent's level (ala Cincinnati), but having come this far, it's hard to believe the Mountaineers won't put forth a strong effort. WVU

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