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The health of Rasheed Marshall was uppermost on the minds of those questioning Rich Rodriguez this afternoon.

"Rasheed has a concussion," Rodriguez said of WVU's starting quarterback. "He is better today, but he still has a slight headache. He's basically day to day. If Rasheed can run tomorrow and his headaches don't reoccur, then he'll probably be cleared to play this weekend. If not, then we'll go with the assumption that Charles will be the starter. But that doesn't change our offense."

Rodriguez also remained concerned with WVU's third down conversion rate, which dropped even more after Saturday's 1-15 performance.

"We've been awful on third down conversions. It's just a situation where we didn't execute well and they played pretty good defense. We have to get better at it."

Rodriguez also thought that his teams had some breakdowns defensively.

"I didn't think we played well in space defensively, and we didn't tackle very well," Rodriguez said after analyzing game films. "We didn't adjust well to some of their movement. We cmae off the ball pretty well, and the effort was pretty good. We just didn't play with the same sense of unrgency. We have to do that all the time.

"I mentioned this to the team yesterday. We're still in the hunt for the Big East title."


Rodriguez fielded a number of questions about the speakers that have been placed at the end of field to help pump up the crowd between plays. And although Rodriguez likes the concept, it's silly that he has to answer questions about items that surround the game.

* * *

In other injury news, fullback Moe Fofana didn't miss any time due to his shoulder, which has been a problem this week. Fofana did not do any further damage to his shoulder this week, and should be o.k to play against the Eagles.

Fred Blueford, who twisted a knee and hobbled off the field, should likewise be ready to play. Also, injuries to Leandre Washington, Mike Watson and Josh Bailey which affected their play, should be healed by game day.

* * *

Rodriugez was still unhappy with the personal fouls sustained by his team, but mentioned that his squad did maintain their composure in the face of a lot of flak from Central Florida's players.

"We're not happy with some of our personal fouls," Rodriguez said. "We had two or three that were a lack of judgment and poor decisions. But we had a lot of other situations where we showed a lot of restraint. UCF did a lot of talking, and even the officials said our guys showed a lot of restraint in a lot of situations."

* * *

Rodriguez noted that his players don't get any extra motivation from playing defecting teams such as Boston College, and that too much is made of those situations by the media.

"It might be a motivating factor for some fans and those around the game, but our players have enough motivation because it's a league game now."

* * *

In response to an actual football question, Rodriguez said that WVU has not shelved their rugby punt, which the Mountaineers have not employed in the last couple of weeks.

"We haven't done the rugby punt in a couple of weeks, but we're going to keep it in our package, because it really limits what the other team can do punt block wise," the Mountaineer mentor said. "Central Florida got rid of it quickly and punted it deep. They do it out of some different formations, and there are some things that we can take from that."

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