The View From 217 - UCF Edition

On a day when it was not supposed to rain, and did, we came up with several notes of discussion, even though the game was about as exciting as Chinese water torture.

  • Nice call by the weatherperson. While I never go to the game without my rain gear, because I guarantee you it will rain if I leave it home, the people who did sure spent a lot of money at the team shops located in and around the stadium right before kickoff on Saturday. What looked like a mild, yet cloudy day turned into a flat out downpour for about the first 10 minutes of the game.

  • I am still amazed that those sitting all around me were still discussing the students' storming of the field after the Virginia Tech game. I am even more amazed when I hear someone who is my age telling me how the students should have known better and that they were warned all week before the game not to go onto the field.

    Now, I am not condoning tearing up the benches, rushing the state troopers or throwing bottles at them when said troopers refused to give away the posts. But I can remember some of the very same people tearing over the very same wall and tearing down these funny looking white things they used to score points on kicks with back in the early 90s. But it was OK then.

  • Once again the defense showed up to play. And play they did. UCF did not go over 200 total yards of offense until their last touchdown drive of the game. That happened to be an 80-yard drive when they were down 21 points with six minutes to go. Tremendous job by the entire defense.

  • After reading articles in newspapers bashing UCF for their trash talk, it almost seems like piling on for me to rip the classless rubes for their trash talk and cheap shot antics. Just in case you Knight fans didn't figure that out, I'd pass on a 15-yard penalty while play is dead.

  • Ah, Halloween. High Street was packed on Friday night for the Halloween festivities. Some of the costumes were very creative. The downtown bars were almost impossible to get into as the Fire Marshal was out in full force. I guess since there was no furniture burning on Sunnyside they felt the need to check occupancy at local watering holes. No matter, watching the lines, and the costumes therein, was worth the wait.

  • A trip to Morgantown without a trip to Mario's Fishbowl is like going to Myrtle Beach and not playing golf. Sure people do it all the time, but they are missing out on a great time.

  • The picture of the people in the front row wearing gas masks at the game is priceless.

  • Something tells me that WVU, while preferring to have a healthy Rasheed Marshall back for the ‘Bahston Kahledge' game next week, is quite confident in the abilities of Charles Hales. Chachi's 79-yard pass to Chris Henry in the fourth quarter was a thing of beauty. And the looks on the UFC coaches' faces when he unloaded that missile was worth more than a winning lottery ticket.

  • Talking to a few players and their families tells me that the team and the staff have no problems with Hales behind center. The problem is that the second team guy in that situation would be Adam Bednarik. And while Adam is progressing well in his true freshman year, WVU really wants to preserve his redshirt. Of course, if Marshall can't play and Hales would go down, there aren't many other options at quarterback, except maybe running Kay Jay in the single wing. Wouldn't that be a whale of a sweep option with Harris and Quincy steaming off right tackle?

  • Brian King's cornerback experience is making him an outstanding safety for the Mountaineers, and may make him a catch for a savvy NFL team. Here is a smart kid who thinks like a quarterback, covers like a corner, hits like a safety and tackles like a linebacker. He seems to always be around the ball when it is in the air, and he likes returning his interceptions for big yards.

  • I am never surprised to see a punt blocked for a touchdown in Mountaineer Field. But it is nice to see the Mountaineers be the ones doing the blocking for a change.

  • Todd James has had a tremendous season punting for WVU. And were it not for a couple of bad punts in the third quarter on Saturday, one a nine-yarder on fourth and seven, he may have even been the offensive player of the game.

  • Some of the play calling was downright puzzling. And I don't just mean from Mike Kruczek. WVU passed the ball only twice on first down all day against Central Florida. Amazingly, both plays resulted in first downs.

    I think it is time for the coaches to stop being so stubborn and take the free five to seven yards the defense is just daring WVU to go after while they load all their linebackers within two yards of the ball and their safeties within five. When I can look out and see three WVU wide receivers alone behind the defense or a stacked defense with the two corners playing ten yards off the ball, I think we need to pass more to open up the middle. Otherwise Quincy and Kay Jay are going to take too much punishment.

  • Jason Colson is going to make a nice compliment to Kay Jay in 2004. But that doesn't mean that Eric Phillips isn't going to make a nice one either. The Mountaineers are simply loaded at the skill positions, and the young offensive line is going to have a ton of experience together next season.

  • Just an FYI, if WVU wins the rest of their games, the Big East title, or at least a share of it, hangs from the new scoreboard.

  • Just another FYI, if Pitt beats Miami & Tech, and WVU wins out...the turncoats get sent packing with third, fourth and sixth place finishes in 2003. And I never thought I'd ever root for Pitt to win anything.

  • With the announcement of the new Big East invitees coming on Tuesday I thought I'd weigh in on the subject. While it is quite obvious that Louisville and Cincinnati are dead solid locks for all-sports invitees, and it appears that South Florida will be the replacement for BC, I certainly hope the Big East takes a long hard look at Central Florida and their classless antics. The Mountaineers, and the media covering them, got a nice dose of it this week. But a simple call to some athletic offices in the MAC would reveal that this behavior is nothing new. Inviting a team to the conference simply because of where they are located is the silliest reason I have ever heard for asking someone to join your dance.

  • If the invite is for football only, there is a team in the MAC I have in mind, and it doesn't hail from Florida. Don't want them because you hate them? Don't want them because they lack class? Don't want them because they have a small fan base compared to WVU? Don't want them because they've never done anything on the big time level? Don't like them because their coach won't shut his pie hole?

    I don't want Central Florida for those exact same reasons. Only their football accomplishments can be listed on the inside cover of a pack of matches compared to the team people refuse to consider. Playing Central Florida in front of 25,000 fans, 3,000 of which came to see WVU, won't garner any more attention for the Mountaineers than a trip to your local 7-11. But it will get you on the Sunshine Network.

  • Shirt slogan of the week: "Play Like Your Couch is on Fire".

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