Things of That Nature - Virginia Tech

The top question on everyone's mind was the quarterback position, and Coach Rodriguez wasted no time in addressing the situation.

"Neither quarterback played exceptionally well, but that was typical of the entire team," Rodriguez said on Sunday. "Both quarterbacks will get practice time with the first team this week, and we'll evaluate them during practice. We'll probably decide on a starter by Thursday."

Freshman Danny Embick also remains a possibility, and will get some snaps as he has the past couple of weeks, but Rodriguez statement of "we'll see what happens" doesn't sound like Embick will be in the picture anytime soon.

In another new development, team physicians say that Rasheed Marshall has "an outside chance" of playing in the last game or two.

"Rasheed still has a screw in his wrist, but he's doing range of motion exercises," Rodriguez said of his injured QB. "He hasn't done any throwing yet, but the doctors say he could be back at the end of the season."

On the injury front, the hamstring futures of the Grant Wiley Stock Exchange took a slight dip after the Tech game. Wiley is more sore after this week's game than he was after the Maryland contest, and was termed "questionable" by Coach Rod for Saturday's clash with the Irish.

Other players who might miss practice time include offensive tackle Lance Nimmo (knee) and defensive end Tim Love (shoulder). Both Nimmo and Love are expected to play on Saturday.


"We're not as good as we need to be on our fundamentals," Rodriguez noted. "Tackling was bad last year and still a problem in the spring, but we think we have gotten better there and in our blocking. But it's not good enough yet, and our pitching and catching has a long way to go."

* * *

"We're just not executing," Rodriguez said of his team. "We can't get off blocks, and we can't stop the run in our base defense. We have to blitz to stop the run, and sooner or later you get burned doing that."

* * *

A Notre Dame beat wirter's question about Cooper Rego's status caught Rodriguez off guard. The writer said that one of the conditions accompanying the dismissal of Cooper Rego from Notre Dame stipulated that he never set foot on the campus again.

Rego has never talked publicly about the incident that led to his dismissal, and it is unknown whether the report is factual, or how it would affect Rego's status for this week. Rodriguez was unaware of the reported stipulation, and said he would address the issue this week.

* * *

The lasting impression of Rodriguez remains one of determination.

"We don't want to push the panic button, but we have problems that we need to fix. We have to find guys to make plays."

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