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The final compedium of news, notes and interesting sidelights for you to peruse as we head for Boston. Game Scorecard
Series: 20-10-1 WVU
When: 11/8, Noon
Where: Chestnut Hill
Alumni Stadium
Record: 4-4
Rank: 53
Last Week: UCF
Returning Starters: 12
Defense: 8
Offense: 4
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Record: 5-4
Rank: 47
Last Week: Pitt
Returning Starters: 12
Defense: 6
Offense: 5
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First Meeting: 1925
Last Meeting: 2002
Rosters/ Bios
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Although the Mountaineer defense has given up a high percentage of pass completions, the WVU secondary and linebackers have been getting their jobs done. West Virginia is limiting foes to just 6.2 yards per pass attempt, and despite allowing 173 completions in eight games, have yielded just six scoring strikes.

Those numbers demonstrate that the Mountaineers aren't giving up big plays, and for the most part are keeping receivers in front of them and making tackles after the catch.

By way of comparison, WVU's 106th rated pass offense is averaging 7.9 yards per attempt, and has generated ten touchdowns.


Boston College's offense has scored every point for the Eagles this year. So far, the BC defense and return teams have been shut out. West Virginia's defense and return teams scored their first points of the year last week against Central Florida.

As the late lamented Gregg Easterbrook used to say, this type of knowledge is essential to the insider's understanding of the game. Unfortunately, we have no idea what it means.


One of the big reasons for the Eagles' success this year has been the consistency of their starting lineup. On offense, the 11 players that started the opener against Wake Forest have missed only three starts since. Guard Augie Hoffman (who WVU recruited heavily) missed the Ball State game, and backup fullback Haven Perkins started the UConn and Miami games in place of the injured Greg Toal.

Other than that, the Eagles have had a clean and mostly injury-free run on the offensive side of the ball.

The defensive side has seen similar stability. Peter Shean (three starts) and Jazzmen Williams (six) have bounced back and forth at cornerback, while stong safety Paul Cook missed a start against Notre Dame. Other than that, the same players have been on the field at the whistle for every contest.

Just think about how much further along West Virginia's offensive line would be had they had the same five starters for every game but one.


Boston College has had a 1,000 yard rusher for six straight seasons, including this one. When Quincy Wilson passes that mark this year (hopefully against the Eagles), WVU will have achieved that feat in eight consecutive seasons.


Boston College has the top football graduation rate in Division 1A, and for that they deserve congratulations. Rumor has it, however, that none of those players took ethics courses taught by current BC administrators.

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