It's Gut Check Time for the Mountaineers

It would be easy for the Mountaineers to just mail it in from here on out. They could hang their heads, play emotionless football, and get romped by everyone they play from here on out. The next two games will be no easier. Why not just pack it in? What is the point?

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we learn the character of our coaching staff. This is where we learn the character of the players. And this is where we learn who is with us, and who isn't.

It will be tough. WVU figures to be a double-digit underdog in the next two games. The problems at quarterback certainly make things worse. But the quarterback problem is not the largest problem. Not by a long shot.

The biggest problem is the line on both sides of the ball. This defense doesn't work without pressure. And this past Saturday, there was no pressure. None. All of the linemen were locked up in blocks. The linebackers were locked up in blocks. And Tech, running basic off tackle plays, ran wild.

Once again WVU was exposed on the outside. But this weekend, WVU was exposed on the inside as well. WVU will not beat anyone like that.

The offensive line was dominated all day on Saturday. Less than 40 yards rushing? There was no running room. There was no time to pass. It matters not who is at quarterback, if he is running for his life. And if he's running for his life, he won't be successful.

So what do we do? Do we start playing younger players and get them ready for the future? Or do we stick to our guns and hope things turn around? Can the team improve quickly enough to make a bowl game? Only time will tell. But WVU needs to win four of their last six to make a bowl game. At Notre Dame, at Miami (Fl), at Syracuse. One of these games must be a win. Then WVU must beat Temple, a Rutgers team that just gave Syracuse all it wanted, and win the Back Yard Brawl against Pitt.

Can it be done? Sure it can.

But not the way they played on Saturday.

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