The Kinder Garden - Smack Talk

I always try to be low key when on the road for Mountaineer games, but the condescension that we encountered during our weekend trip to Beantown pushed me over the edge.

I don't mean to stereotype BC fans, because Mountaineer fans, and West Virginians in general, are subjected to that sort of thing far too often. And I did meet a few nice people on our trip, like the folks at the rental car service and the desk staff at our hotel. Other than that...

The smart aleck comments started even before we left the airport. As about ten of us waited to get our rental cars, one of the employees asked us if we were all together, as we all had on Mountaineer garb of some sort. Immediately behind us, a primly dressed fellow piped up "I'm not. I wouldn't lower myself to associate with West Virginia fans. I went to Syracuse."

I turned to see if he was joking, but it was pretty obvious that he wasn't. Here we are thirty minutes off the plane, and we're being heckled by another out of towner!

I bit my tounge. I do have a facility for that, as I don't see the point in getting into needless confrontations. (For the same reason, I don't often respond to moronic comments made by hacks and talk radio "personalities".) However, I did think 'We'll be seeing you in a couple of weeks, pal'.

There were several other incidents of this nature on Friday and Saturday, like the guy humming 'Dueling Banjos' as he passed me (how original). Nothing major, just little comments, snide remarks, and a general air of superiority. I will say that Boston College and the ACC will be a perfect fit in that regard.

The capper came on Saturday morning. Riding down the elevator from the parking building on my way into the Stadium, four well-heeled BC fans greeted me with, "Are you guys going to burn couches and hit us with pepper spray after the game"?

As I noted before, I usually blow off comments like this. But I had had enough. Without even thinking, I fired back, "No, we only do that after we beat good teams."

That drew a couple of 'oooohs' from the group, but it apparently wasn't enough to squelch everyone's creativity. One guy shot back with, "I have some friends in Morgantown. they've been going to school there for six or seven years. It's a pretty nice place."

Now I was on a roll, so I came back with, "Well, what you have to understand is that we don't just hand diplomas out at WVU like they do here. You have to work long and hard to get a degree from a school as good as WVU."

With that, the confrontation ended. And just like on the field, the Mountaineers were victorious.

There's always a certain amount of good-natured kidding and smack laid down on visiting fans. I understand that, and it's ok. But the mean-spirited and look-down-from-on-high attitudes displayed by many people on this trip went way beyond the norm.

I have to admit that I had hoped Boston College would remain in the Big East when the conference mess started. But after this weekend, I'm glad they are going to the ACC. They deserve each other.

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