The Kinder Garden: Love-Hate Relationships

Some things I love, and others I hate. It shouldn't be hard to detect a theme here.

I LOVE: Beating Pitt 52-31.

I HATE: Talking head television announcers that make one mistake per minute of air time, screw up stories and anecdotes, and miss obvious points of action.

I LOVE: Outrushing Pitt 307 yards to 10.

I HATE: Announcers talking to the father of a player for five minutes while the game is going on.

I LOVE: Picking up on new storylines and sharing them with readers.

I HATE: Media that beat a story into the ground, then prop it back up for a few more shots.

I LOVE: Being able to drive through the home city of a team you just whacked on the way to your next game.

I HATE: That not enough fans of said team will be able to hear me yelling out the window at them.

I LOVE: Playing meaningful games in November.

I HATE: Having one's postseason destination decided by a set of convoluted rules, rather than head to head competition.

I LOVE: Bandwagon fans. God bless 'em. There's always time to change your mind and hop on board.

I HATE: Fans that say "I'm never coming back" for whatever reason. Ever hear of a second chance?

I LOVE: The football/basketball season overlap. There's something new to write aobut every day, and if one team drops a game, the next one is just around the corner.

I HATE: The football/basketball season overlap. With limited time and staff, we just can't cover everything we would like.

I LOVE: Pitt coach Walt Harris. He might be WVU's biggest in-game advantage since Greg White patrolled the sidelines for Marshall.

I HATE: The fact that Larry Fitzgerald plays for Pitt. It's like Larry Bird playing for the Celtics. Love the player - can't stand the team.

I LOVE: WVU and the Mountaineers. Simple as that.

I HATE: Can't think of a thing.

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