The View From 217

I know exactly how the Mountaineer fans who made the trip to Notre Dame were feeling when they left the stadium on Saturday. I felt the same way after the Maryland game. Only this time, the Mountaineers actually took the lead in the late going.

Not many people expected WVU to put up much of a fight for Notre Dame. The oddsmakers had us at almost a two touchdown underdog, most fans had the game written off as a big loss, and the sportswriter hacks in the state picked us to lose large.

Heck, after Notre Dame's first possession, I expected it to be ugly.

But a funny thing happened on the way to South Bend. WVU decided to play some football. And it was a damned exciting, frustrating, disgusting, thrilling, unbelievable game to watch. But, in the end, Brad Lewis throws another horrible interception, and the Swiss Cheese defense gave the game away with masterful efficiency.

Take no solace in this one folks. Notre Dame is not that good. We are just worse.

The only thing worse than the game, was listening to Pat Haden on the NotreDame Broadcasting Company. If ever a man needed his jaw wired shut, this was the guy.

I chuckled at how amazed Haden was at Corey McIntyre (a three year linebacker, two game defensive end) was able to adapt to the linebacker position so well after moving from defensive end.

And how many times can NBC talk about the players looking over at the sideline for the play call? When does this cease to be a story? You would think that plays have never been signaled in from the sidelines in the history of sport.

The game comes down to two things. Quarterback, and defense. We have neither.

Make that three things. Because a horrendous homer call on third down in the fourth quarter, when the game was still tied, cost us the game. Dear Big East officials, you cannot chuck the ball away, while you are in the pocket, in the grasp of a defender, when there isn't a receiver within a two county radius, TO AVOID A SACK! No way does Notre Dame make a field goal, or maybe even try it, from ten yards further back.

Now I know that there were plenty of opportunities for WVU to take the lead back before those two crucial mistakes occurred, but the simple fact is we still had the momentum, and the game was tied in the fourth quarter. Like we ever expect a decent call from any Big East Crew.

Chalk another one up in the L column. There is one thing that will make this season bearable: We'll still beat Pitt.

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